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While curly hair is certainly not a fad, curls have been styled differently throughout time. Upper class Egyptians upper class used heated tongs to achieve curly hair. In ancient Greece, aristocrats used their own curling contraptions, as well. Many people have been credited with making straight hair curly, through various curling devices.

In 1866, Hiram Maxim, the inventor of the machine gun and mousetrap, applied for a patent for a heat-styling iron. A few years later, Maurice Lenetheric and Marcel Grateau came up with the idea of air drying and curling tongs, making curls called ‘Marcel waves.’ In 1959, Roger Lemoine and Rene Lelievre invented the electric curling iron. Curling irons have come a long way since the days of heating tongs in hot coals or in gas stoves. Today’s curling irons come in various sizes, to create tight to loose curls, and with different finishes, like ceramic and plated metal.

Hair setters, otherwise known as hot rollers, are a quicker alternative to curling hair with a curling iron or using chemicals for a perm. Much like a curling iron, the rollers in a hair setter curl the hair by emitting negative irons and forming the hair with heat to create frizz-free, long-lasting curls. As a result, some hair setters are called “ionic” or “molecular.”

Hair setters come in two types: wet and dry. The wet, or steam, setters has rollers bathed in steam or boiling water, so that the moisture collects on the rollers and helps set the hair without drying it out. A dry hair setter, usually an electric hair setter, often has ceramic rollers mounted on mounting posts, which are heated and heat the rollers internally. Hair setters come in a variety of sizes, with small and large rollers, and in sets of 12 to 30 rollers.

Iron Cleaners, Heat Guards & Other Accessories
When gel and styling products build up on your flat irons and curling irons, the effectiveness of these tools decreases so you need to keep them clean. Not only will they not heat properly, but build up of products can cause hot spots and damage the hair. A clean heat appliance will work better and last longer. Our iron cleaners will dissolve built up product to give you a clean surface. You should use them once a day to maintain your appliance.

If you have ever burned your fingers on a flat or curling iron, you know how painful it is. Now you can protect your fingers with our heat guards. A heat guard lets you get into the hair to section it and hold the section for maximum control. Combs work fine for this, but your hands are your best styling tool. The heat resistant material is lightweight yet effective for keeping your hands from being burned.

Use our iron cleaners, heat guards and other accessories to help you keep your client’s happy, your tools clean and yourself safe. All of our products are professional quality and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchases.

Mini Travel Curling Irons
Even when you’re on the go, you want to look your best. Mini travel curling irons are compact and lightweight enough to go anywhere. You can stash them in your purse, suitcase or keep on in your car. Some models even come with a heat resistant pouch that lets you style and go without waiting for the curling iron to cool down.

Your hair is made up of keratin and other proteins. There are bonds in each hair strand that hold the natural curl. Water, chemicals and heat can temporarily or permanently break those bonds. Once the bonds are broken they are re-formed around the curling tool whether that is a roller or curling iron. All hair has these bonds. By applying heat to your hair you are temporarily breaking the natural curl bonds and reforming them around the curling iron’s barrel.

Ceramic barrels create negative ions. Negative ions create far infrared heat which is gentle on your hair and protect it from being damaged. Negative ions also help to reduce and prevent frizz and make your hair smooth and silky. Ceramic is one of the best materials for heat appliances. It distributes and hold heat evenly to prevent hot-spots.

Although small and compact, mini travel curling irons heat up quickly and deliver the performance you need to style your hair. Some are cordless for true traveling ease. No matter what your hair styling needs, all of our products are professional quality. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.

Nano-Technology Curling Irons
You want tools that deliver professional results and help to keep your clients hair healthy. Nano-technology curling irons do just that. Nano technology is a new innovation that means the performance of the tool is designed from the smallest molecule to the largest component. Nano silver and gold curling irons offer the anti-bacterial properties of silver and the smoothness of gold. Nano ceramic gives you far infrared heat that not only protects the hair, but helps to seal the cuticle to make hair smooth and silky. Ceramic produces negative ions which help to control frizz and keep the hair fresh.

Your hair is made up of keratin and other proteins. There are bonds in each hair strand that hold the natural curl. Water, chemicals and heat can temporarily or permanently break those bonds. Once the bonds are broken they are re-formed around the curling tool whether that is a roller or curling iron. All hair has these bonds. By applying heat to your hair you are temporarily breaking the natural curl bonds and reforming them around the curling iron’s barrel.

Nano-technology curling irons are the latest innovation in an appliance that has revolutionized hair styling since the 1970’s. Our models heat quickly and maintain their neat for the duration of their use. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, these are some of the finest curling irons made today. Our curling irons are professional quality and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Plated Metal Curling Irons
Since their introduction in the 1970’s the curling iron has revolutionized hair styling. No longer are women forced to put their hair in rollers and sit under a dryer for hours to get the full bouncy curls they desire. Now you can just plug your curling iron in and in a few minutes add curl, bounce and height to your hair.

Plated metal curling irons have been the industry standard for years. Gold plated models heat evenly and glide gently through the hair. Aluminum plated curling irons are excellent tools for creating tight or soft curls. Both metals help to distribute heat evenly and avoid hot spots that can damage your hair.

You hair is made up mostly of keratin proteins. In each hair shaft are bonds that hold your natural curl pattern. Water and heat temporarily break these bonds and reform the curl pattern. That is why roller sets give you a head of curls. The water breaks the bonds and as you sit under the dryer, the curl is reset around the roller. A curling iron works on the same principle. Heat breaks the bonds and they are reformed around the barrel of the iron. We have sizes that range from ½ inch to 1 ½ inch barrels.

One of the most fun plated curling irons is a spiral curling iron. You hair is twisted instead of rolled around the barrel of the iron to create spiral curls. Spiral curls became popular in the 1980’s and are experiencing a comeback today.

Our plated metal curling irons are for professional use as they heat up to a much higher temperature than commercial models available to the general public. We are sure you will be satisfied with our products and the results they give.

Specialty Curling Irons & Tools
In the 1970’s curling irons revolutionized hairstyling. Now you could get glorious bouncy curls, flips and height in just a few seconds compared to rolling your hair and either waiting for it to dry naturally or sitting under a hair dryer. In the 1990’s flat irons broke onto the hair styling scene and gave women another choice for styling ease. Today there are even more options for professional hair stylists and home users. Specialty curling irons and tools give you many styling choices.

For an endless array of curling options, we carry the Dual Curl Pressing Iron. This tool gives you the choice of curling or flat ironing your hair. Spiral curling irons give you bouncy or loose spiral curls by wrapping the hair around the barrel instead of rolling it. These curling irons can be used on all hair types. Ceramic barrels create negative ions that help reduce frizz and keep the hair fresh because of their antibacterial properties.

One of the staples of ethnic hair styling is the oven and curling rods. These appliances heat up to a high heat and keep the curling rods hot throughout the styling service. While they have a high internal temperature, the outside stays cool for your safety. Many of our models come with curling irons that vary from the very small to the very large for maximum styling choice. We also carry separate curling irons for use in the ovens. The ovens are for use on ethnic hair only as the high heat will damage other types of hair.

All of our products are professional quality. No matter which specialty curling iron or tools you purchase, we guarantee that you will be happy with their results.

Steam Curling Irons
Most curling irons curl the hair from the outside. Steam curling irons curl the hair from the inside out. Steam is gentle on every hair type and can be used even on bleached or chemically treated hair. Even though steam is gentle on all types of hair, it is an effective way to get quick and easy curls or straightening. You have the choice to create large loose curls or to use the steam curling iron to help straighten your hair. Since it is a gentle heat, you will not have to worry about damaging your hair since steam is moisturizing and will leave your hair smooth and shiny.

Your hair contains bonds that hold the natural curl pattern. Heat and water temporarily break these bonds. You hair takes on the new curl pattern depending on the size and shape of the tool used. With a steam curling iron you get the benefit of both heat and water to create long lasting healthy curls. The steam and heat help to smooth the outer layer of your hair known as the cuticle to give it a silky feel and natural sheen.

We carry steam curling irons in three sizes. You can choose from ¾ inch, 1 inch and 1 ½ inch sizes. All of our models have soft-grip textured handles that are ergonomically designed for comfort. A brush sleeve attachment gives you the option to use your steam curling iron as a brush iron. A large water reservoir means you will not have to stop often to refill the iron.

All of our steam curling irons are professional quality. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase and pleased with the professional results.

Tourmaline-Ceramic Curling Irons
Tourmaline-ceramic curling irons are one of the best types of curling irons available today. This innovative combination of tourmaline and ceramic is a breakthrough in hair styling technology. Gentle on the hair and effective for styling, the natural materials of tourmaline and ceramic enhance moisture and shine. This is because the tourmaline and ceramic seal the outer layer or cuticle of your hair. Your hair will actually look and feel healthier after use of these curling irons.

Tourmaline is a naturally occurring mineral found in nature. When exposed to heat it becomes charged and produces negative ions and far infrared heat. The benefits of these actions are that impurities are drawn to the tourmaline and odors are destroyed making your hair feel and smell fresher. Far infrared heat is much gentler on your hair and distributes heat evenly.

Ceramic seals the hair’s cuticle which helps to retain moisture and create shine. Ceramic also produces negative ions and far infrared heat. It retains heat and distributes it to the hair without hot spots or risk of damage. Far infrared heat curls the hair from the inside out for long lasting curls.

Our tourmaline and ceramic curling irons heat to temperatures of up to 430 degrees F. They heat quickly and stay hot until you turn them off. An extra-long tip help to protect you and your client from being burned. The automatic pilot light lets you know when the ideal temperature is reached. Not only do we have traditional barrel irons, but we also have a brush style. This is perfect for creating soft long lasting waves in all types of hair.

All of our tourmaline-ceramic curling irons carry a 1 year warranty. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the professional results you will achieve with these fine appliances.

Travel Hairsetters & Curling Irons
You want to look good no matter where your travels take you. Travel hairsetters and curling irons help you to maintain your curls no matter where you are. Lightweight and portable these travel sets deliver the same long lasting curls as their full size counterparts. No matter where you busy life takes you we have a travel hairsetter and curling iron to fit your needs.

For long lasting shiny curls, we carry a steam hairsetter. Steam curls from the inside out by breaking the bonds that hold your hair’s natural wave pattern. As your hair cools, the bonds are reformed around the rollers. What you are left with is smooth, shiny and moisturized hair that will hold a curl for much longer than traditional rollers.

Gentle flocked rollers are easy on your hair and help to prevent breakage. They are perfect for bleached or color treated hair. Ceramic rollers create negative ions that seal the outer layer of your hair and produce shiny and soft curls. Negative ions also help to refresh your hair because of the anti-bacterial properties. Your hair will feel and smell fresh after their use. Ceramic also holds and distributes heat evenly and deep into the hair.

Most of our travel hairsetters can be stored in their cases for easy travel convenience. Cool tips on the rollers help to protect you fingers. Our travel curling irons store and travel in heat resistant pouches. They heat quickly and deliver full size performance. No matter which travel set you choose, we are sure that you will be satisfied. All of our products are professional quality and will deliver excellent results.
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