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Basics of Flat Ironing Your Hair

Flat irons have become universal: a tool used regularly by most women no matter what their hair type, age, or style. Even though they have been around for what feels like a lifetime, not everyone knows how to truly get the best out of their flat iron.

Straight, flat ironed hair is traditional and timeless. It can be made casual or dressed up with a little extra volume. Either way you choose to do it, make sure you have a fine tooth comb and hair clip handy.

1.Starting with clean, dry hair, comb out your hair so it is tangle free. For best results, use a heat protectant like Alterna Hemp Organics Straightening Balm while hair is still damp or before straightening.

2. Using your comb, separate about the top of your hair from the bottom and secure it with a clip or hair tie.

3. Comb slowly through hair. Follow the comb with the flat iron for super straight hair.

4. Continue with each layer, separating the hair as many times as needed.

5. For more voluminous straight hair, use the flat iron in a waterfall motion, lifting and curling hair just a bit at the roots.

One of the many reasons flat irons are so convenient and widely used is that they are extremely versatile. Flat irons are not limited to only straightening hair. You can use your flat iron to create light, beachy waves or tight curls.

1.Separating your hair into sections just as you would to straighten it, spray your hair with a holding product like Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Hold Hair Spray.

2. Once your hair is coated with product use the flat iron to create curls. For more loose waves, wrap hair around one plate of the flat iron, and clamp down to secure waves.

3. Comb through immediately after heating to loosen curls and separate hair. If you want a more tight curl, start at the roots of hair and flat iron in a curling motion, either leaving the tips of hair straight or continuing the curl for a more formal look. For more volume and hold, spray hair upside down with securing hair spray.

Now that you know all the basics of getting the best out of your flat iron, check out our flat irons to find the one that best fits your hair!

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