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Debunking Black Hair Myths

Everyone should get their “good hair day” every single day. To get the best hair every single day, you have to rid yourself of all your mythical beliefs about your hair.


Grow Out Your African American Hair

Short of getting extensions or weaves, how do you lengthen your hair? With African American hair, it seems our hair is so dry and brittle and it won’t grow out. Part of it is the nature of our hair: it’s coarse, curly, or coiled, making it more prone to suck up any natural moisture. Another reason is that we are hard on our hair: all of our braiding, straightening, and over styling leaves our hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.


Common Beauty Blunders

Long, healthy hair is gorgeous, right? But can it be too long? Polished nails look great when they’re well-manicured, but what about when they start to chip? And what about a flawless foundation on your face? Sure, it looks great from brow to chin...but what about your mismatched neck?


Prevent Hair Breakage

Because of its molecular structure, African hair is prone to breakage and weak spots. Both men and women of African American descent may experience thinner or thicker spots in their hair, making it curl and coil. Because of this structure, your hair may be thinner in certain areas, making it more likely to break.


Flat Ironing African American Hair

For those of us with Ethnic roots, getting our hair to lay flat and smooth can be a daunting task. Short of professional straightening, which is time-consuming and expensive, flat irons provide a great option to giving us the sleek style we crave. To achieve that flat, sleek look, you need a flat iron that reaches high heat. You also need to follow a simple process of flat ironing:


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