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Blow Drying

You May Be Doing It Wrong

If you find frizz or cowlicks or unruly tangles becoming a product of your blow drying habits regularly, you might be doing it wrong. Find out if you are falling victim to any of these faux pas.


Perfect Travel Hair Dryer

One common complaint about traveling is that you donít have all the comforts of home. Certainly you can pack travel-sized hair products and pack along a lot of your necessities from home. But, often, it seems like youíre making concessions to fit everything into one suitcase and pack along everything you need.


How to Dry Your Hair Faster

When it comes to drying your hair, there are many options to choose from. There are many hair blow dryers to choose from, and each has unique properties and benefits for your hair. Ionic technology helps break down moisture in your hair, drying it from the inside out. Ceramic dryers give you the benefit of negative ions, making your healthier, as it dries faster. With all the new technology on the market, you really have your choice of hair blow dryers that will dry your hair quickly, plus leave your hair feeling healthy.


Choosing the Best Blow Dryer for Your Hair

Is a $200 blow dryer always better than a $25 blow dryer? Does the material of the blow dryer actually matter? Do quiet blow dryers still dry the hair quickly? The answers to these questions may surprise you!


Make Your Blowout Last

One of the best reasons for going to the salon is to get pampered. With that, getting your hair professionally blown out is one of the best ways to get pampered. Leaving the salon with a blowout makes your hair looking and feeling healthy, full, and shiny. If you take a few, extra steps, you can get your professional blowout to last well beyond the salon.


Blow Dry Tips

If you donít have to blow dry your hair every day, try not to. The heat from the blow dryer opens up your cuticle and may cause unnecessary damage to your strand. When you are blow drying your hair, try some of these simple steps to keep your hair healthy.


How to Blow Dry Your Hair

Every time we hear that heat is bad for our hair, some of us consider taking time off our hair blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. For those of us who actually do take breaks from our heat styling tools, our hair may feel healthier for some time. However, at the same time, our hairstyle might suffer. If you have tried to go without your blowdryer, you may have run into some problems like limp locks or frizzy hair. If you blow dry your hair correctly, you can keep your hair healthy, without having to run out the door with dripping wet hair.


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