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Clean & Easy Deluxe Electrolysis

For years, finding effective hair removal has been a goal of men and women everywhere. Of course, there are many options for removing hair safely and effectively. There is shaving, laser treatments, waxing, tweezing, and electrolysis. In the past few years, electrolysis has made a name for itself as a permanent hair removal option for many people who otherwise couldnít have permanent results.

While shaving, waxing, and tweezing are all labor-intensive, they need to be repeated regularly. Laser treatments can offer permanent results, but only if youíre a candidate for the treatment, based on hair and skin color. Electrolysis is labor-intensive, but it does not need to be repeated regularly.

Electrolysis used to have to be performed by a licensed electrologist with a great amount of skill. Now, you can perform electrolysis at home. Clean & Easy Deluxe Electrolysis is an at-home electrolysis treatment that is safe, simple, and effective. It can be used on any area of the body, and you can customize the treatment to make it work for you. The tool is safe; it has a self-adjusting stylet tip that wonít pierce the skin. Itís portable, battery-operated, and can be used anywhere. At-home electrolysis is a great option for permanent hair reduction, without the cost, but with all the benefits.

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