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Coarse Hair

Tips for Lengthening Your Coarse Hair

Coarse hair is harder to grow than most other types. It takes a little bit longer and a little extra care, but with these tips, you're closer than ever to long, luscious locks!


Smoothing Hair Care Routine for Coarse Hair

If you’re like me, your hair takes a regimen to get it under control. And even though I have a regimen, some days, the regimen works; other days, it doesn’t. Some days, my hair looks tame, smooth, and under control; other days, it still looks rough, coarse, and frizzy. So, finding a hair care routine that is simple, foolproof, and leaves my hair smooth day after day has been an enormous godsend.


Flat Ironing Ethnic Hair

Just because ethnic hair is coarse and often difficult to manage doesn’t mean it has to be tough to tame. Many women with ethnic hair choose to straighten and style their hair with harsh chemicals, leaving them with permanently straightened hair (at least until it grows out). If you are looking for an easy way to temporarily style your hair, look no further than a flat iron.


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