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Hair Color Removal

Color fades and roots grow out. Our once perfectly shiny, gorgeous hair color turns dull or drab. Often, we’ve had the same hair color for years, and we want a change. Or, the color we thought we wanted turned out to be a color we definitely didn’t want. No matter the reason we want to (or need to) get rid of our hair color, there are a number of options to do just that. You can get your hair back to its natural color, or get it ready to dye again, without causing damage.


Must-Use Miracle Before You Color

If you color treat or bleach your hair, it may be dry, damaged, and seemingly beyond repair. You may have tried deep conditioners, temporary coverups, or even tried to re-color your damaged hair, but without much success. You may be looking for a miracle cure, and certainly, there isn’t one out there…or is there?


Keep Your First Day Color--Everyday

Walking out of the salon, you admire your reflection in the mirrors and windows as you pass. Your roots match your ends, your color shines, and your "first-day color" is radiant. You enjoy it while it lasts, since you know it won't last very long. It seems within a few days, your roots start to show and your color starts to fade.


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