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Common Beauty Blunders

Long, healthy hair is gorgeous, right? But can it be too long? Polished nails look great when they’re well-manicured, but what about when they start to chip? And what about a flawless foundation on your face? Sure, it looks great from brow to chin...but what about your mismatched neck?

When it comes to makeup, hair, and other beauty routines, most women try their best. The problem is: trying our best isn’t always good enough. The following are a few common beauty blunders, as well as simple remedies to make sure these blunders don’t happen to you:

• As long as your hair is healthy, you may think you can growing it out as long as you can is a good idea. But when your hair starts to reach great lengths—beneath your bra strap and beyond—it may start getting more difficult to control. Keep your hair trimmed from any split ends, and make sure it’s a length that’s convenient and allows you to style it the way you like (without having to resort to clips, hair bands, and ties every day).

• There’s nothing that can polish your look more than a well-maintained manicure. But a few days after leaving the salon or taking care of your nails, you might start to notice chipping or peeling. There’s nothing that can take away from a “put together” look more than chipped nails. When your nails start to look ragged, remove your polish. And if you don’t have time to repaint, simply buff your nails.

• Your face can look flawless when you apply foundation consistently. But if you forget to match your face to your neck, you can look like your wearing a foundation mask. Simply blend your foundation down into your neck to keep your flawless look.

• Plucking your nails until they’re pencil thin is a trend of the past. But coloring in your brows to fake their thickness often looks unnatural. If you can’t get to the salon to get a professional tweeze, use a good set of tweezers and eyebrow shapers to help you get a natural look.

• Getting a natural bronzed glow doesn’t have to happen in the summer. In fact, it really shouldn’t. Being overly tan looks unnatural and is bad for your skin, leaving you “orange” and with premature wrinkles and sun spots. Instead of lying out in the sun, use a daily moisturizer with SPF and achieve your bronzed look with a professional product that won’t age your skin.

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