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Curl Up with your Flat Iron (all things you can do with a flat iron)

Of course you know you can get the sleekest, straightest styles just by using your flat iron. But did you know you could flip, curl, and style your hair with a flat iron? In fact, you have various options for styling with your flat iron.

There are many options to choose from in flat irons, but when you’re using one to style your hair, you may want to select a mini or small flat iron. Flat irons that are ˝ inch or 1 inch are easier to style with, and they make your curls and flips simple to achieve.

Before you use your flat iron, make sure your hair is completely dry. Lightly cover your strands with a product that will protect them while you’re styling with the high heat from a flat iron.

To achieve large or small curls or ringlets with your flat iron, start by brushing out small sections of hair. Next, wrap your hair around the flat iron from root to end. Twist your wrist, and roll the flat iron in a circular motion. Then, slide the iron down your hair to the end, and release the iron. Continue to curl each section of your hair. Loosely comb through your curls with your fingers. Choose a light finishing spray to

To flip your hair, separate your hair into small, one-inch sections. Slide the flat iron down the section, just as you would to straighten your hair. When you reach the end of the section, twist your wrist in an upward motion to create a small or large flip. You can flip the hair upwards or inwards or away from your face—to create definition and dimension.

You may need to practice using your flat iron to create curls and dimension. Once you’ve had some practice maneuvering your flat iron, achieving styles other than straight strands is simple. Play with your flat iron, twist your wrist, and have fun creating new, exciting styles.

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