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Debunking Black Hair Myths

Everyone should get their “good hair day” every single day. To get the best hair every single day, you have to rid yourself of all your mythical beliefs about your hair.

As African-American women, we are often assumed to all have the same hair type. However, there are many different textures within African-American hair. Talk to your stylist about options for your unique African-American hair. Although your hair varies in comparison to other African-American women, there are similarities that make your hair primarily African-American in texture and appearance. Typically African-American hair contains more water and grows more slowly than Caucasian hair, leading to more damage and breakage. Look out for hair products that specialize in African-American care and styling for the optimum look every day.

In addition to looking for skin color-specific hair products, make sure you are keeping an eye out for texture-specific hair products, as your hair will vary in texture, as mentioned before.

A common misconception about African-American hair is that is does not need to be washed regularly and can withstand grease and dirt buildup. If you are washing your hair every couple of weeks, you are not keeping it clean enough. Try to wash every 7-10 days for healthiest hair and best results.

Although African-American hair is typically more susceptible to breakage than other hair types, it does not have to be that way. Try to moisturize your hair as much as possible, using moisture supplements when you do not wash your hair. This will keep your ends from drying out.

Many African-American women have troubles finding moisturizing products that do not make their scalp greasy. Try using organic and natural products known for moisturizing only on the lengthy ends of your hair for best results.

If the hair around your temples is thinning, do not write it off as African-American hair behavior. See your physician as soon as you start to notice any thinning, as this behavior can lead to hair loss.

Although hair relaxers are popular within African-American females, try not to use them as they can severely dry out and damage your hair. If you must use a hair relaxer, go to the salon. The extra money is worth it, as at-home relaxers can be damaging and harmful.

Rid yourself of these hair myths and have the best hair day every single day.

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