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Fight That Frizz

It may only happen to you on rainy days, or perhaps it depends on the clothes you wear, or you may have to deal with it every day: frizz. But no matter when it happens, we can help you stop it from happening with these simple steps you can try every day:

1. Frizz can be caused by friction, as you may have noticed when trying on sweaters or pulling off a hat. Take care of your hair when you’re getting out of the shower. Instead of rubbing your head or "Towel-drying" gently wrap the towel from the roots down, squeezing out water as you go. When your hair is still wet, gently comb in a silicone-based serum like HEAD Anti-Frizz Shine Serum to help smooth your cuticle and increase shine.

2. Don't wait until your hair is frizzy, before you try to cover it up with products: Start with the products you use in the shower. Wash your hair with a smoothing shampoo like Joico's Smoothing Shampoo. A smoothing shampoo will include silk amino acids and proteins that will help smooth your hair, before it has a chance to frizz. Couple your smoothing shampoo with a smoothing conditioner to protect against humidity and flyaways. Instead of rinsing your hair with hot water, rinse out your conditioner with tepid water. This will help seal your cuticle.

3. The products you are using may be causing frizz. Look for products that don't contain alcohol, which can dry out your hair and create flyaways. Instead, find a smoothing product like Biosilk's Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm that contains natural ingredients like vitamin B and herbs to provide maximum smoothness and shine. Put the product on your hands, then run your hands through your hair, while it is still wet. On curly hair, a smoothing balm will shape and define curls, and on straight hair, it will provide smoothness and shine. Be careful not to touch your hair, until it is totally dry, as this could cause frizz.

There are other things you can try if you want to get rid of frizz permanently. The Brazilian Blowout has become popular in recent years. The system actually improves the condition of your hair, by creating a protective layer around the cuticle. It leaves you with smooth, healthy hair with mega amounts of shine. There are also Keratin treatments that help fortify your hair, and keep it smoothed and conditioned for up to six weeks.

Whatever steps you decide to take to control your frizz, you can have instant results that last.

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