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Flat Ironing African American Hair

For those of us with Ethnic roots, getting our hair to lay flat and smooth can be a daunting task. Short of professional straightening, which is time-consuming and expensive, flat irons provide a great option to giving us the sleek style we crave. To achieve that flat, sleek look, you need a flat iron that reaches high heat. You also need to follow a simple process of flat ironing:

1. After shampooing, use a deep conditioner like Cantuís Shea Butter Conditioner to prepare your hair for heat.

2. Let your hair air dry, if you have time, after combing and separating into sections. If you are short on time, blow dry your hair with a wide-toothed comb, careful to get out any tangles.

3. Use a leave-in heat protectant that will help moisturize, as well as protect your hair from the heat of a flat iron.

4. Separate your hair into sections, combing and detangling as you go.

5. Choose a flat iron that reaches high heat to handle the density of ethnic hair. You may also need a flat iron with teeth to help loosen any tangles and straighten the hard-to-reach hair around hairline and ears. You may also need

6. Start from the nape of the neck, and run the flat iron through thin sections of the hair, straightening as you go.

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