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Flat Ironing Ethnic Hair

Just because ethnic hair is coarse and often difficult to manage doesn’t mean it has to be tough to tame. Many women with ethnic hair choose to straighten and style their hair with harsh chemicals, leaving them with permanently straightened hair (at least until it grows out). If you are looking for an easy way to temporarily style your hair, look no further than a flat iron.

1. Select a ceramic flat iron in a ˝ to 1 inch size. The smaller size will be easy to use, and the ceramic will emit negative ions, which will help keep moisture in your hair. A ceramic iron will ensure that your hair stays straight and frizz-free.

2. Shampoo and condition your hair with moisturizing products, specially made for ethnic hair. Also, protect your hair from frizz and humidity with a smoothing serum.

3. Dry your hair completely, using a hair blow dryer and flat brush. Separate your hair into small sections and clip aside sections of hair.

4. Smooth the flat iron across each section of hair, from roots to ends, until your hair is straight and smooth. Apply strong pressure when pressing the flat iron plates onto each section of your hair.

5. Smooth away any flyaways for frizz with a hair polish. Wrap hair in a silk scarf to keep your hair straight and smooth.

You can wear your hair straight for days at a time, as long as you protect it from moisture and humidity. You may need to use your flat iron to touch up any waves or curls that appear.

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