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Grow Out Your African American Hair

Short of getting extensions or weaves, how do you lengthen your hair? With African American hair, it seems our hair is so dry and brittle and it wonít grow out. Part of it is the nature of our hair: itís coarse, curly, or coiled, making it more prone to suck up any natural moisture. Another reason is that we are hard on our hair: all of our braiding, straightening, and over styling leaves our hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

So if our hair is brittle and weak, and we have to style it everyday, how do we get it to grow?? With a few precautions, you can protect your hair and help it grow.

If your hair is already medium to long in length, you can protect your hair by the way you style it on a daily basis. Keeping your ends healthy while your roots grow healthy, new hair is essential to gaining great lengths with your hair. You can choose a basic hairstyle that will keep your ends tucked away (so theyíre not exposed to the elements), and that you donít need to comb for a few days. These hairstyles will keep your hair protected and able to grow without interference. Choose simple styles like: braids, ponytails, twists, buns, or even wigs. Use scarves and headbands to accessorize your style.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! When your skin is dry and needs moisture, what do you do? You moisturize it. Same needs to be done with your hair. Instead of leaving your hair exposed and unprotected, make sure to use a deep conditioner like Profectiv Mega Growth Deep Strengthening Conditioner to help rebuild and moisturize your hair.

Of course you donít need to grow your hair down to your waist, but following these simple steps can help you grow your hair as long as youíd like. Selecting styles to protect your ends, combined with keeping your hair moisturized is vital to helping you lengthen (and strengthen) your hair!

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