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Hair Color Removal

Color fades and roots grow out. Our once perfectly shiny, gorgeous hair color turns dull or drab. Often, weíve had the same hair color for years, and we want a change. Or, the color we thought we wanted turned out to be a color we definitely didnít want. No matter the reason we want to (or need to) get rid of our hair color, there are a number of options to do just that. You can get your hair back to its natural color, or get it ready to dye again, without causing damage.

If your hair has been recently colored, and you decided you didnít like it; or, it didnít turn out just right, you may be able to change it without much work. Often, hair color may not completely set into the cuticle before 24 to 48 hours (which is why your stylist often recommends that you donít wash your hair for a day or two following a color). You may be able to try washing your hair with hot water (to open the cuticle), or even try an at-home bleach wash. However, this can be extremely harsh and damage your hair so that it canít be re-colored any time soon. Besides, bleach can often open your cuticle even more, so that the color penetrates deeper and may injure your cuticle.

There are better, more effective options to remove your haircolor, and theyíll leave your hair healthy enough for a new dye job. In less than 20 minutes, Color Out System completely removes the color by shrinking the dye molecules, allowing it to be simply washed out of the hair. The product doesnít include ammonia, so it is gentle as it removes any artificial pigment from the hair. Another product that gets rave reviews from users is Satin Color Reserve Remover Kit. It is gentle on your hair, doesnít contain ammonia, and it is conditioning. It leaves your hair feeling healthy and ready to color againóas soon as the same day!

A favorite kit of both consumers and professionals, as well, is Líoreal Color Zap Hair Color Remover Kit. ColorZap works by removing all unwanted permanent hair color and leaves your hair ready for a new color application. ColorZap is ideal for color correction, and it will allow you to make any color changes you desire. You will need to plan to recolor your hair after using this product, as it will just remove the haircolor tint, and not return your hair to its natural color.

Before you begin any hair color correction, you will want to strand test your hair and protect your clothing from the products. And remember to follow the directions on the hair color removal products.

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