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Heat Protect Your Luscious Locks

When youíre cooking in the kitchen, what tools do you need? You may be thinking of a stove, appliances, mixing bowls, and more. And when youíre baking, you always need hot pads or oven mitts. You wouldnít reach into the oven or pull a pot off the stove without first protecting your hands.


Mistakes You Donít Want to Make

Too often women make little mistakes with their manes that cause detrimental results. Things like picking at your split ends and brushing your hair while wet can actually cause breakage and make for unhealthy hair. Here are five common mistakes you would be better off avoiding.


Protect Your Hair from the Elements

If youíre like the majority of women, you color your hair, making it more susceptible to the elements, before you even step outside. Every season can be harsh on your hair, from wind and sun to humidity and heat. In order to keep your hair healthy and strong, you need to protect your precious strandsóprior to going outside.


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