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There are many rumors out there about your thinning hair. We’d like to get to the root of the facts—and put an end to the fiction! Here are the Top Three myths we’d like to debunk:

FICTION: I’m losing my hair because I always wear a hat/headband/scarf.
FACT: Unless your hat (or scarf, doo rag, etc.) is so tight that it’s cutting off the circulation, that’s not the reason for your hair loss. Granted, wearing a hat when it’s especially hot can make sebum (the substance secreted by your oil glands) build up on your scalp over time, which could plug your glands and add to hair loss. On the other hand, wearing a hat can help block the sun from your hair and protect your scalp from sunburn.

FICTION: My grandpa—on my mom’s side—was bald, so I’m losing my hair, too.
FACT: Hair loss can be genetic, for both men and women. And it can be inherited from either side, your mother’s or your father’s. In fact, it would take a detailed analysis of your gene’s—both your father’s and your mother’s—in order to find out where your hair loss is coming from. Male pattern baldness, however, is caused by production of too much testosterone on genetically-susceptible hair follicles; and that that certainly may come from your genes.

FICTION: If I keep cutting my hair, it will grow in thicker.
FACT: Your hair may look fuller if you keep it short. Your hair is thicker at the base of your scalp than it is at the ends, so it may look fuller, shorter. When your hair grows out, it will be the exact diameter root to tip. For thicker-looking hair, use that add body with hair-building fibers.

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