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How To Achieve the Perfect Ombre

Even though the ombre’s popularity peaked last year, the trend is not going anywhere. If you are brave enough to try achieving this look by yourself, you can do it in a few easy steps, quite inexpensively, and using materials you can easily find.

To get started: make sure you have a bottle of peroxide, one packet of powdered bleach, a toothbrush, a mixing bowl, an old t-shirt, and a pair of latex gloves. You can get all of these materials at a grocery store for less than $10.

Step 1: Mix 2 ounces of peroxide with the bleach packet. Be careful when mixing these products. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated room, as the chemicals can be strong.

Step 2: Section your hair off into four pieces. Do not be afraid of this part; the coloring on an ombre style does not have to be perfect!

Step 3: Apply some of the bleach mixture to the toothpaste, about as much as you would if it were toothpaste. Begin at the ends of the hair, brushing the bleach on in an upward direction. Once you have brushed it to the point where you want your ombre to start, you may begin on the other sections.

Step 4: After you have finished all of the sections, you should go back over the very ends of the hair, as that should be the lightest part. Leave the bleach in for about 10-20 minutes, depending on how bleached you want your hair to be.

Step 5: Wash your hair out with shampoo and conditioner and it is ready to be styled!

Enjoy your trendy, new ombre style!

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