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How to Do Your Curly Do: Styles for Curly Hair

Ladies with curls often find it difficult to break out of that frizzy, voluminous style. With beautiful curls, it doesn't seem like you need to do much to get a put-together look, but styling the same hair every day can get boring, no matter how great it looks! Try out these tips to give your curly hair a little boost.

With curls, leaving your hair down can be a simple and easy way to achieve a certain look. You already have hair that looks done and curled and it doesn't always need much else. To switch it up, try pulling your hair up into a loose top knot. The volume from your curls will still keep your hair looking elegant and very chic, but the looseness of the style will give it a more casual, unexpected look.
Style this hairdo with a designed headband or bow to add a touch of fashion to your presentation.

Hair accessories are a great trend to embrace with curly locks. For winter, a fun beanie atop your curls will dress down your look and make your hair look different than ever before. In the warmer weather, bows and hair clips are a great way to keep hair off of your face and cool you down, also adding style to your look.

You will be surprised how much changing your part can affect your curls.
Your part will change the way your curls fall and totally alter your look.
If you have been stuck on a side part for your whole life, try a part down the middle to loosen those curls around your face and give you a vintage, eclectic style.

Don't be afraid to try new things with your curly hair. Curls can be styled in so many ways and will be beautiful no matter what. Don't settle for regular; the options are endless!

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