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How to Use Your Curling Iron

With the appearance of straighteners and natural waves in today’s hair trends, the use of the curling iron has disappeared. Pull it off the back burner and help it see the light of day while you use it to pump up your hair game with these great trends!

We have celebrities like Taylor Swift and Emmy Rossum to thank for pulling those big, voluminous curls out of the 80s and pushing them to the forefront of today’s biggest and best hair trends. For the biggest curly locks, use a curling iron with a large barrel. To keep curls tight and ringlet-like, hold the iron for a longer period of time. Before releasing the curl, use your hand or a bobby pin to hold the curl close to the scalp, giving it more bounce and tension, while spraying it for long-lasting hold.

You don’t have to be born with a wavy mane to rock the long, luscious waves that are buzzing around the fashion world. Natural waves can be accomplished with a curling iron. Using different sizes of curling irons will help accomplish a more natural look. Be sure to hold each strand of hair on the curling iron for varying times, keeping the waves looking spontaneous and natural. Not using the clamp and just lightly wrapping the hair around the barrel will also provide for looser, more natural waves.

Some women aren’t using their curling irons because their hair is just too straight and fine to hold a curl. Remember that with the right products and curling techniques, you can have the curly hair you’ve always wanted. It is also helpful to curl when your hair is “day-old” and hasn’t been washed that day. It will hold a curl better with a little more grease.

Pull your curling irons out of the back of your drawers, ladies! Voluminous waves are still in...and things are about to get curly!

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