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Mistakes You Donít Want to Make

Too often women make little mistakes with their manes that cause detrimental results. Things like picking at your split ends and brushing your hair while wet can actually cause breakage and make for unhealthy hair. Here are five common mistakes you would be better off avoiding.

Split ends can be annoying and hard not to pick at it, but it is much better to wait for a haircut to rid yourself of those pesky broken hairs. By picking at them, it will create more and more split ends, so stop the cycle and quit peeling and picking at them!
While your hair is wet, it is more vulnerable to damage and breaking. At all times you should be gentle and careful while combing through your hair (with a fine toothed comb), but especially while it is wet. It is tempting to brush out your tangles after a shower but you should use a detangling agent or wait until it is dry to comb through hair. This will prevent breakage and keep your hair from becoming too damaged.

Women with lots of hair on their heads tend to lean towards ponytails more often to keep their hair composed and out of their face. By securing an elastic in the same area of your hair every day, that particular area will become worn and residual. Try switching it up by doing a differently positioned ponytail or by using less harsh accessories like bobby pins or clips. Besides, your hair can be your best compliment if you work it right!

Most women commit this hair faux-pas on the regular. When you hop out of the shower, you often gravitate towards rubbing your hair in a towel to capture excess water. While it is okay to wrap your hair in a towel to dry it out, you should never rub it. It will create frizz and breakage, and nobody wants to be rocking a frizzy mane all day long!

Whenever you are putting heat on your hair, you need to use a heat styling aid. Blow dryers and flat irons can do a lot more damage to your hair than good unless you protect it by first applying a heat styling treatment. Some good products for this purpose are J Beverly Hills Thermotect Heat Defense Styling Spray, which contains aloe vera and other proteins to enhance protection, and Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Care Salon Collection Heat Protection Polisher which will protect the hair and soften it for maximum smoothness.

Avoid making these common mistakes with your hair and keep your hair protected and strong! Healthy hair is beautiful hair!

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