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Must-Use Miracle Before You Color

If you color treat or bleach your hair, it may be dry, damaged, and seemingly beyond repair. You may have tried deep conditioners, temporary coverups, or even tried to re-color your damaged hair, but without much success. You may be looking for a miracle cure, and certainly, there isnít one out thereÖor is there?

Meet one of the industryís best kept secrets: Colorful Neutral Protein Filler. For more than 25 years, this product has been the "go-to" solution for damaged, color treated hair. There are many brands that carry protein fillers, but none come close to the damage repair, conditioning effect, and immaculate color results of Colorful Protein Filler.

Colorful Protein Filler works by equalizing your hairís porosity. That means, whether your roots are fresh and your ends are porous; or youíve got varying degrees of damage throughout your cuticle, this product will balance it, making your cuticle a smooth surface for even color absorption and deposit. Colorful will repair your hairís protein bonds and protect your cuticle against new chemical damage. After using Colorful, you can be confident in coloring your hair again.

Colorful Protein Filler can be used with any hair color or hair structure, and it is simple to use. When color treating or tinting your hair, simply apply the product to damp hair and leave for 20 minutes. Blot any excess, then apply color as you normally would. You can also add Colorful Protein Filler to the developer or color (once you have touched up any regrowth) to pull color through the ends. Colorful Neutral Protein Filler will seal the color within your hairís cortex, while adding shine and body. Colorful Protein Filler can also be used as a deep, reconstructive conditioner, purely by diluting it with water and leaving it on your hair.

If youíve color treated, bleached, or otherwise damaged your hair, and you want to color it again with great results, you need a miracle cure. You need Colorful Neutral Protein Filler. No other product on the market will give you added sheen, body, and volume while insuring a flawless color.

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