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Perfect Travel Hair Dryer

One common complaint about traveling is that you don’t have all the comforts of home. Certainly you can pack travel-sized hair products and pack along a lot of your necessities from home. But, often, it seems like you’re making concessions to fit everything into one suitcase and pack along everything you need.

One product that many of us can’t live without—even when we’re traveling—is our hair blow dryers. Surely, there are many blow dryers to choose from, and lots of travel-sized dryers on the market. The problem is that, quite often, travel-size hair dryers don’t have the same power and pack the same heat as most full-sized models. Many travel-size hair dryers are basic in assembly and don’t have the sophisticated features full-sized hair dryers have. They usually have low wattage, one speed, and one heat setting, so it’s difficult to achieve the style you desire.

An exception to most other travel dryers is the ANDIS 1875 Watts Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer. This dryer features all of the bells and whistles of a full-sized dryer, in the convenience of a small, travel-sized dryer. The hair dryer utilizes ionic technology, drying hair quickly by breaking down water molecules and depositing that moisture back into the hair. The result is hydrated, conditioned hair with a smooth, shiny finish.

The Andis Ionic Dryer features 1875 watts, plus three heat and air speeds to help you achieve your styling goals. It also has a cool shot button to lock in your style once you have finished blowing your hair dry. The dryer has a retractable cord and folding handle for simple packing and traveling. Andis also incorporates its renowned powerful, yet quiet long-life motor, and its unparalleled 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

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