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Prevent Hair Breakage

Because of its molecular structure, African hair is prone to breakage and weak spots. Both men and women of African American descent may experience thinner or thicker spots in their hair, making it curl and coil. Because of this structure, your hair may be thinner in certain areas, making it more likely to break.

However, if you are attentive to your hair care, you can prevent breakage and make your hair healthy and strong. The following tips can strengthen your hair and prevent breakage:

1. Keep your styling light. Often, African American hair breakage often occurs because styling might be too tight. Leaving tight braids or cornrows in too long, or removing them without the help of a professional can cause extra stress on your hair. Also, glued-in extensions can cause excessive damage.

2. Wash your hair often, and use a leave-in treatment. Despite what you have heard, you donít need to put off washing your hair for weeks. Instead, wash your hair once a week to get rid of oil and dirt on your scalp and cuticle. Rinse your hair, then towel-dry, without rubbing it. Then, apply a leave-in treatment like Doo Gro Leave In Growth Treatment to help promote hair growth and repair damaged hair and split ends. This treatment also adds shine, while conditioning and softening your hair.

3. Minimize chemical treatments, where possible. Chemical treatments alter the bonds of your hair and may damage your cortex (the middle layer of your hair). Any type of straightening, relaxing, or dying can damage these bonds. Using a product like Dr. Miracleís Anti-Breakage Strengthening Treatment will help repair any chemical damage, and promote strong, shiny, healthy hair.

4. Keep heat to a minimum. Heat from blow dryers and flat irons will pull out moisture from your hair and cause excess damage to your cuticle. Moisturize your hair often with conditioning treatments to help smooth and soften your cuticle and protect against future heat appliances.

5. Use products designed to stop hair breakage. Aphogee makes a treatment to specifically address and stop hair breakage. It rebuilds and repairs hair, even when itís seriously damaged. This treatment helps prevent future breakage and makes hair healthy and strong.

Just because your hair is prone to weakness and breakage, doesnít mean you canít take preventative measures. By following these simple steps, you can minimize hair breakage and make your hair stronger for years to come.

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