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Protect Your Hair from the Elements

If you’re like the majority of women, you color your hair, making it more susceptible to the elements, before you even step outside. Every season can be harsh on your hair, from wind and sun to humidity and heat. In order to keep your hair healthy and strong, you need to protect your precious strands—prior to going outside.

Whether you color, straighten, or process your hair, your cuticle has been opened. When you step outside, your hair is more likely to dry out, frizz, and break in the harsh environment. You can prepare your hair for the outside elements, by taking a few, simple steps:

1. Rinse Your Hair in Cool Water. We’ve heard the advice before, and for most of us, taking a cold shower is not an option. However, rinsing your hair in cool water may be. When you wash your hair in hot water, your cuticle is opened—just the way it is when you hot blow dry or flat iron it. During the summertime, you may take more showers as a result of muggy weather or trips to the pool. But no matter the season, hot showers can damage your hair. If your home doesn’t have a water filter, your water may contain chlorine. In addition to hot water, the chlorine can dry out and damage your hair. Taking a cooler shower, or at least rinsing your hair in cooler water, can best protect your hair from further damage. Also, rinsing your hair in cool water prior to getting in the pool or the ocean will keep your locks from absorbing potentially toxic elements, like salt and chlorine.

2. Protect Your Hair with SPF: Before you expose your hair to the sun, take extra care to protect it with products containing SPF. You may be able to find shampoos and conditioners with an SPF. You can also use topical products containing sun protection, like Loreal's Solar Sublime. You can use these products daily, but take extra precaution to use them during the summer months, when there is more sunlight that can damage those luscious locks.

3. Cover it in Conditioner: An easy solution to protect your hair before you step outside is to coat your cuticle in a good leave-in conditioner. Deep conditioners, like MOP Leave-In Conditioner can run an interference with outside elements, providing an extra layer of protection for your strands. Deep moisturizing treatments and leave-in conditioners are perfect to protect your hair during warmer months. They provide an extra layer to help calm any frizz, protect your haircolor, and restore health to your cuticle.

Whether you color, straighten, or process your hair, your hair is susceptible the environment. But with the right products and a few simple steps, you can protect your hair from the outside elements.

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