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Quick Fix for Thinning Hair

For some men, hair loss is inevitable. Male pattern baldness is genetic, and so is most baldness. As we age, dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT) takes its toll on our hair follicles, by shortening the growth phase of hair and making the hair follicles smaller. Over time, thinner and shorter hairs are formed, leaving us with thinning hair—and eventually baldness.

So, what can you do about your genetic predisposition? You can try special diets, volumizing shampoos, and even medications. Or, you can try something so simple, easy, and effective—it’s recommended by physicians and hairdressers alike. It’s called Toppik Hair Building Fiber, and it’s a great way to fight your genes.

Toppik hair fibers are all-natural Keratin-like “hairs” that attach to your natural hair, making it look fuller and feel thicker. No one will notice it’s not your real hair—even when they see it close up. Toppik is an easy treatment that you can use from shampoo-to-shampoo. It will stay in place, even in rain, wind, and during your workout sessions.

To use Toppik, simply shake and apply it over your thinning areas. Within moments, thousands of matching tiny fibers interlock with your natural hair. The fibers stay in place with static electricity, so they’re literally magnetized to your natural hair. You can watch a quick demonstration of how Toppik works. You can use your regular hair products after applying Toppik.
If you’re concerned about your genetics and premature balding, Toppik may just be the product for you. It’s absolutely safe, recommended by physicians, and works great with hair transplants. No matter the reason for your hair loss, Toppik guarantees you thicker, fuller hair—as well as more confidence because of it.

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