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Since it hit the market, the Sleek Look Smoothing System by Matrix has been a favorite of many women with curly, frizzy, or untamed locks. Consequently, it has been a favorite of mine, as well. The shampoo, conditioner, and other products are specifically designed to smooth uncontrolled hair, and the entire line can be used every day.

Sleek Look Shampoo feels like a deep conditioner within itself. It has a thick consistency, and it makes it easy to comb through my hair in the shower. The conditioner has the same consistency and instantly leaves my hair softer and smoother.

The Sleek product line uses ceramides and Shea butter to help repair damaged hair, control frizzies, and leave your hair conditioned and smooth. Ceramides are the building blocks of your hair. If you think of each strand of hair like the roof of a house, your cuticle lays down like shingles, and ceramides are like the tar that holds those shingles down. When you have curly or textured hair, your cuticle doesnít lay flat. It curves and twists, making it look frizzy and rough. The unique blend of ceramides and Shea butter smooth the cuticle and help lay it down. Sleek products are designed to transform your curls and waves into smooth, sleek styles.

You can use the shampoo and conditioner every day to smooth out your curls and waves, leaving them sleek and smooth. On days youíre blowing out, use the Blow-Down Leave-In Cream to speed up your blow dry and leave your hair smooth. And when youíre straightening your hair with a flat iron, first use the Iron Smoother to protect your hair up to 400 degrees and lock out humidity.

Even when Iím not straightening or blowing out my hair, I still use the Sleek products. The products donít leave a heavy residue in my hair, and they donít weigh down my curls. They simply leave my curls easier to manage, and without frizz. If you have unruly, frizzy, or curly hair, and you want smooth, sleek hair, this product line is for you.

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