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The Curly Haircut

Curly hair can be soft, stylish, and shiny. It all lies in the cut. In my tween years, I had a fashionable haircut for the time. Well, I thought it was fashionable. My brothers used to call it "The Mushroom Cut." It was a short haircut to my ears, and then it was "buzzed" down to my neckline. It looked, in fact, like a mushroom.

I never had curly hair. Until, that was, I got "The Mushroom Cut." As my hair grew out, so did the curls. My hair was incredibly voluminous, curly, frizzy, and unmanageable. Because of that experience, I learned that curly hair requires a curly haircut.

If you have curly hair, you have many options. Just because you may not get the dated "mushroom cut," you can still have a short hairstyle. In fact, you can choose to have short, medium or a long hairstyle with curly hair. There are a few keys to a successful curly

1. Find a knowledgeable stylist. Whether she has curly hair herself, or if she just has many curly-haired clients, the stylist should understand and have a reputation for knowing how to cut curly hair.

2. Layering is essential. To avoid a triangle-shaped haircut, make sure you get layers in your hair. Your hair won't look heavy on the bottom, and your curls will lie looser and lighter on your head.

3. Don't be afraid to thin it out. A lot of women with curly hair have thick, coarse curls. Don't be afraid to have your stylist use a razor or the edge of her scissors to lightly thin it out, leaving your curls bouncier and lighter.

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