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Thinning Hair

Natural, Big Hair

Teasing, Ratting, Backcombing…Whatever you call it, it adds volume. For African-American hair, the method has long been used to create dreadlocks. Whether you have coarse, thin, fine, black, yellow, brown, or any kind of hair--you can backcomb your hair for volume. By using the following steps, you can create voluminous, natural-looking hair, naturally.



There are many rumors out there about your thinning hair. We’d like to get to the root of the facts—and put an end to the fiction! Here are the Top Three myths we’d like to debunk:


The ROOT of the Problem

For those of us with thinning hair: there is help! There are many products on the market that can help your thin hair look thicker and fuller. But understanding WHY your hair is thinning might be helpful, too.


Quick Fix for Thinning Hair

For some men, hair loss is inevitable. Male pattern baldness is genetic, and so is most baldness. As we age, dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT) takes its toll on our hair follicles, by shortening the growth phase of hair and making the hair follicles smaller. Over time, thinner and shorter hairs are formed, leaving us with thinning hair—and eventually baldness.


Make Thin Hair Look Fuller

Thinning hair can affect anyone, regardless of your age, gender, or ethnicity. Many times the cause is heredity, but very tight braids, over processing, and stress can cause your hair to thin. Some medical conditions and medications can cause your hair to thin. Men may notice a horseshoe pattern developing (“male pattern baldness”), where the hair on the crown and front hairline will become thinner. Women tend to experience thinning hair near the front of their hairline at the front part. Changes in hormone production as we age can cause thinning hair in both men and women. Some women may notice their hair getting thin when they are pregnant, but this usually corrects itself once they give birth. Whatever the reason you may be losing hair, it can be embarrassing.


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