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Tips for Lengthening Your Coarse Hair

Coarse hair is harder to grow than most other types. It takes a little bit longer and a little extra care, but with these tips, you're closer than ever to long, luscious locks!

The best possible place to start your growing process is with a fresh cut.
Getting a professional trim will help your hair be healthy and strong, promoting hair growth.

Try to keep from washing and conditioning your hair too often. The less your hair is wet, the less prone it is to break off. When you do shampoo and condition, focus on shampooing the scalp and conditioning the ends.

Heat is always hard on hair, but especially hair that is coarse. Try hard to not use heat products. If you have to blow dry, make sure you are using the cool setting, preventing damage from heat.

If you wash your hair at night, try keeping your hair in a loose braid or head scarf. Don't use hair ties with metal, but keeping your wet hair secure will prevent breakage.

Using natural, organic oils like Organic Fiji coconut oil will help heal your hair and cause it to grow faster.

Have faith in your coarse hair and help it grow longer faster.

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