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Unnaturally Naturally Curly

When I talked to my stylist about new ideas on how to wear my naturally curly hair, she was quick to warn me: Hardly anyone with naturally curly hair wears it that way. I asked her to clarify that statement for me, because I actually wanted to wear my hair curly. I was sick of blow drying, flat ironing, and heat styling my natural curls.

My stylist clarified by letting me know that most women with naturally curly hair rarely wear the curls, naturally. Most of her clients, she said, “recurl or style their natural curls to make them look natural, but they’re not.” My natural curls are not uniform. They’re all different sizes, they don’t hold their shape all day, and they’re covered in frizz. My stylist told me I can certainly wear my hair curly, but I’ll need to make a few adjustments first.

She told me to try a diffuser. Drying my hair with a diffuser will help my curls have an added “bounce,” plus they’ll last all day.

Next, my stylist informed me that using a light salt spray, like TIGI Salt Spray will help me achieve those “beachy wave” curls that have become so popular. She told me I should stay away from the gels and mousse sprays I’ve been using, as those are just weighing my curls down, and making them crunchy.

Lastly, as she was wrapping a few strands around a large-barrel iron, my stylist told me to find a good-sized curling iron to go through the top layer of my hair and make some large, uniform, sleek curls.

With these few tips, I’ve been able to achieve beautiful naturally curly hair, unnaturally.

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