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You May Be Doing It Wrong

If you find frizz or cowlicks or unruly tangles becoming a product of your blow drying habits regularly, you might be doing it wrong. Find out if you are falling victim to any of these faux pas.

If you are using a brush that has any metal on it, you will be increasing the frizziness of your hair. Look for ceramic brushes with boar bristles to achieve ultimate smoothness.

Setting your blow dryer on the highest heat and setting possible may be the quickest and easiest way to get your hair dry, but it is definitely not the healthiest or most efficient. Setting your blow dryer on a low heat and speed setting will give you more to work with, not working your hair over and allowing you more time to style it just the way you want it before it dries and stays in one position.

Sometimes ladies will try to get their hair to dry faster by holding the blow dryer in one spot for a prolonged amount of time. All this does is fry your hair off. Be constantly moving with your blow dryer. Also, for a more modern wavy look, hold your brush vertically and dry your hair horizontally. Instead of curling your hair under, this creates a better wave.

Now that you know what might be going wrong, make your blow drying routine go right!

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