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Brushes have been an important tool for personal grooming for centuries. Mummies in Egypt have been found with brushes made of bone and animal hair in the Pyramids. Victorian ladies had ornate brushes made of silver and other precious metals as staple items in the boudoirs. With the invention of plastic, colorful brush sets came on the market.

Today we have brushes that range from all natural materials to the newest in polymers. What modern brushes and the ancient brushes of our ancestors have in common is the job of making hair beautiful. Today we have a wide variety of styles and materials that can meet your every need and give you styling freedom.

Nothing smoothes your hair痴 cuticle layer like a natural bristle brush, most natural bristle brushes today are made of boar痴 hair. Boar痴 hair is the material of choice for professional hairdressers. The natural fibers smooth the hair, help to distribute the scalp痴 nourishing oils and are gentle on the scalp and protect it from damage.

For flexibility and strength a plastic bristle brush is a reliable tool. Many of these types of brushes come with small round nubs on the end of the bristles to protect your hair and scalp. Vented brushes allow hot air from your hair dryer to reach your hair and are very useful for styling. Paddle brushes are the go-to brush for a wash and set. After you remove the rollers from your hair, brush it thoroughly with a paddle brush to free your curls and prevent tangles.

Whatever style or make of brush you need, we have the right choice for your specific needs. At all of our brushes are guaranteed to be of the finest quality. Browse our selection and find the right tool that you need to help you create the styles you want with minimal effort.
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