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Hair- Color Correctives Trays Brushes

Hair color is one of the most fun, as well as challenging, aspects of cosmetology and at-home styling. There are several types of hair color available today. From semi-permanent color, to tints and permanent color, to demi-permanent dye and corrective color, there are many options to give you or you’re your clients—beautiful results and a new look.

Color, or what we refer to as color, is actually the reflection of light from the color of the hair. The shade of color is made up of the different combinations of reflections of light off various colored pigments from the hair shaft. Hair color levels range from 1 to 10, with 1 reflecting the most light (and being light blonde), and 10 reflecting the least amount of light (and being dark black).

You can avoid any hair color debacles by understanding the type of color you are using:Hair color tints are normally used after your hair’s natural color has been lightened by first applying bleach to the hair. Permanent haircolor is just that: permanent. It permanently alters the pigment of the hair shaft and although it may fade, it won’t wash out. Single process color is a quick method for stylists and simple enough to do at home. This type of hair color lifts the natural color and deposits in a single process. Semi permanent color can only deposit—it can’t lift any color—and it doesn’t last as long as permanent hair dye. Like semi-permanent colors, demi permanent color, can only deposit, but it is made of permanent hair molecules.

Protective products are a necessity for anyone with color—of any kind—on their hair. They protect your hair from future damage future coloring and bleaching.

Color Enhancement Conditioners
Hair color fades. There is no way around it. But you can use color enhancement conditioners to help your color last longer. Red is the worst offender as far as fading. The bright vibrant red you left the salon with can turn brassy and dull in just a few weeks. Color enhancement conditioners contain color molecules, without the developer of hair color, to give your color a boost between color services.
Hair is made up of layers. The outer layer is called the cuticle. It is made up of small overlapping scales that the developer in hair color opens and deposits the hair color molecules into the inner layers of your hair. As time goes by the hair color molecules move out of the inner layers and this can make your hair color fade and start to look dull.

A color enhancement conditioner replaces some of the missing hair color molecules to bring your color back and make it last longer. Not only that, but the conditioner seals the cuticle to prevent your hair color from fading further. If you use color enhancement conditioners with your shampoo after your color service, your color will last much longer and look more vibrant.

Sometimes hair color can look brassy or orange. That is because your hair has a natural underlying color that doesn’t become apparent until after your natural dominant color is removed or changed. Color enhancement conditioners can help to neutralize unwanted red or gold tones. Natural gray can look mousy and yellow from minerals in your water and exposure to the elements. Brightening conditioners make your gray hair look silver and shiny by removing the unwanted yellow color.

All of our color enhancement conditioners are professional quality and will help to keep your color looking salon fresh.

Color-Hair Cover
Everyone wants to look young. In today’s society you are sometimes judged on your age by your hair. Unfortunately sometimes your ability to perform a job or get a mate is affected by your hair. It is a hard fact that thinning or gray hair can make you look and feel older than you really are. Hair color, wigs and hair pieces are ways that some people combat the signs of aging and thinning hair. These methods are expensive and can be time consuming. You don’t always have time to go to the salon to get your roots touched up.

Gray hair can be resistant to receiving color. Color additives can help hair color to be absorbed into gray hair and ensure even and complete coverage. Color sticks and hair mascara act like markers to stain the gray hair and extend the time you can go between touch-ups. If you want to take care of your gray yourself, you can choose a color product that gradually returns your gray hair back to its original color.

If you have thinning hair there are some terrific new products that can make your hair look and feel thicker. These products start with a fiberhold spray that you apply to your hair. Next you sprinkle on colored fibers that give your hair the look and feel of thickness. When done correctly you can hardly tell that it is not your real hair. You an even brush it to give it a truly natural look.

No matter what your hair needs, gray coverage or thickness, we carry professional products to address your specific needs. All of our products are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to give you professional results.

Demi Permanent Hair Color
Demi Permanent hair color is a good choice for gray coverage, toning lightened hair, refreshing color and the popular color service, glossing. Unlike permanent hair color, demi permanent hair color does not completely replace the hair molecules found naturally in your hair. It only replaces some of the natural color molecules and is much gentler on your hair than permanent hair color.

It is ideal for gray coverage since it will eventually wash out and leave no line of demarcation. Highlighted hair can be toned with demi permanent color easily since it is gentle and uses no ammonia that is damaging to fragile pre-lightened hair. Beautifully soft shades can be achieved with demi permanent color as well as deep rich browns and vibrant reds. Demi permanent color enriches dark tones and adds vibrancy to red tones. It is the perfect choice for color correction and for use on the ends of the hair during a root touch-up service.

Glossing is a popular service that refreshes hair color and adds brilliant shine. Since demi permanent color is so easy on hair, it can even be used after relaxing or perms. There is no ammonia used in the formula so there is not a chance of burning or damaging the hair and causing breakage. Many of the demi permanent colors have been enriched with essential oils and vitamins to help condition the hair and leave it soft and healthy.

These products are for professional use only. A sensitivity test is recommended at least 24 hours before use. As with all of our products we guarantee that you will be satisfied and that they will give you professional results.

Temporary Hair Color
Temporary hair color can be fun and funky or it can be helpful to cover gray. It comes in natural colors such as pale blonde to blue black. As a mousse you can use temporary hair color with a roller set to give long lasting color and hold. As a fashion accessory, temporary hair color helps you to express your own unique style. You can switch it up and change your hair color to match your mood of the day.

Temporary hair color comes in many forms. Mousse, spray, mascara type applicator, and gel all coat the hair shaft to give you subtle or bold color. Temporary hair color does not enter the hair shaft like permanent, demi or semi-permanent hair color. These types of hair color enter and replace some or all of the hair’s natural hair color molecules. The hair is only coated with temporary color and it does wash out with the first shampoo. One drawback to this type of color is that it can run if you get your hair wet, so be careful if you use it and are exposed to rain or moisture.

Even though temporary color does not contain the harsh chemicals of other types of hair color such as ammonia, it can still cause an allergic reaction or irritate the skin. You are advised to do a skin test at least 24 hours before you plan to use the product.

All of our products are of the highest quality and will give you professional results that we guarantee you will be satisfied with.
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