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No matter what length or thickness of your hair, tangles are a nightmare. You pull and tug and sometimes end up pulling out strands of hair in an attempt to untangle it. If you have children you know that a struggle it can be to try and get the tangles out of their hair. Long hair is particularly prone to tangles but short hair can become matted up also.

Select one of our quality detangler combs and put an end to the struggle. Our detanglers feature wide teeth that help them to glide through the hair easily. These wide teeth not only help to detangle hair but prevent damage to fragile wet hair. The ergonomic handles ensure that you can get a grip on them and keep them in the hair. Many of our models come in an attractive mock tortoise shell finish.

One of the most popular types of detanglers feature wide metal teeth on a sturdy plastic handle. These are exceptional tools to use on ethnic hair. Since ethnic hair has a tendency to mat up when it gets wet, these slim metal teeth are perfect for getting down deep and near the scalp yet are gentle enough to prevent damage.

When used with detangling lotion or spray, detangler combs can help to solve your challenges faced from ratted and matted hair. Our detanglers are made specifically for use on wet hair and will help you to end the nightmare of pulling and ripping out tangles. All of our products are made of the finest materials and are guaranteed to give you superior and professional results.
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