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Face Shape & Ideal Haircuts by Chago Akii-Bua & Brian Jones
A flattering haircut can make all the difference, your face will look more symmetrical and it will enhance your natural features. Suffering from bad haircuts can exaggerate any flaws and intensify bad hair days. The first step in determining your face shape, is tracing the perimeter of your face on a mirror with lipstick. Slick your hair back and with one eye closed trace the outer perimeter of your face. A Square shaped face is roughly equal in length and width. An Oblong shaped face is about one half times longer than wide. A Heart shaped face is wider at the brow and narrower at the chin. A Round shaped face is symmetrically round. If you have an Oval shaped face, any haircut will complement your face shape. For Round Shaped Face: Try a forward shag, with volume and lift on top. Soft choppy pieces will add definition to your face. Center parts will offset roundness, as well as angular cut bangs that get longer at the sides. Long, slightly layered cuts also work well on round faces because they create the illusion of a longer face. Longer layers will also give you the option of wearing your hair up, just make sure that you add height around the crown of your face. For Heart Shaped Face: Never cut your hair too short on the sides, this will widen the face even more. The best style is one that is flat on top and full around the sides and jaw to balance a wide forehead and narrow chin. The ideal cut is a soft, choppy bob with ends that flip under and out. If you want bangs, try soft fringe bangs that graze your cheek bones or follows the contour of your eye brows. The best length is just above your shoulders! For Oblong Shaped Face: The right length is most important for oblong shaped faces. The ideal cut is right on or above the shoulders. If you want to go longer, try wearing a side part, this will make the face appear shorter. Square, heavy bangs can hide a long forehead. Fringe around the eye level and down to the jaw line creates volume and complements a long face. Choppy layers around the cheeks can also help an oblong shape appear more oval. For Square Shaped Face: The most flattering cut is one with soft waves or a little fringe to minimize a strong jaw. If your cut is short, soft waves will tone down the angles of your face. Side swept or angled bangs are very flattering because they balance defined lines. Side parts and long layers that start at the chin can also achieve this effect. Avoid chin length bobs and angular cuts.

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