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How to Choose the Right Brush For You
A simple change in the type of brush you use can take your terrible hair day to a fantastic one. CUSHION- Recommended for: Straight or wavy hair Good At: Everyday detangling and smoothing. The cushioned base prevents strands from stretching, splitting or breaking-even when paired with a hair dryer. ROUND: Recommended for: All Hair Textures Good At: Straightening and adding volume at the crown as you blow-dry; curling or bending the ends. Use small barrels to style short hair and bigger barrels on longer lengths. THERMAL: Recommended for: All Hair Types Good At: Producing long last curls and body as you blow-dry. (Thereís an inner core that heats up for fast results.) Thermal brushes come in all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind: the longer the hair, the larger at thermal brush youíll need. And, much like a curling iron, this tool can easily burn your strands, so if you have fine or damaged textures, beware. VENT: Recommended for: Thick or Coarse Hair Good At: Detangling and styling with a dryer-air passes through the vents for speedy results. Also great or touching up short styles and flipping ends. PADDLE: Recommended for: All textures-especially long, all one length hair. Good At: Producing a sleek, straight, static free finish-just donít expect it to give you volume.

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