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My hair is too oily. How can I make it appear less greasy?
Many conditioners and styling products formulated for the African American market contain greasy ingredients like lanolin, petrolatum, cocoa butter, waxes and oils. These quickly build up on the scalp and hair and can even stunt future hair growth. If you do use one of these heavy products, apply just a little; keep it on the hair and off the scalp. Wash your hair at least twice a week with a mild clarifying shampoo to remove the residue. Then use a conditioner, but keep it off the roots and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Avoid two-in-one products. Follow this same advice if it's just your scalp producing excess oil, and not buildup that's the problem.

For My hair is too oily. How can I make it appear less greasy? we recommend these products:

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