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Cover Gray Hair

Who wants to look old? I guess not most of us! Therefore, the appearance of gray hair starts to make the bravest of us panic. However, there is no cause to worry. Gray hair can be very easily camouflaged. The market is flooded with wonderful products that help in covering gray hair. These are not only good for hiding gray, but some of them also have other qualities that make the hair more lustrous and shiny.

Color Additives

These are added to hair colors to make gray coverage better. It also brings in intensity and vibrancy to the hair. Color additives work well with any sort of tints, tones and colour. It has additional concentrates and wetting agents that allow moisture to penetrate the cortex fully. Ardell Gray Magic is one such color additive. It can be mixed with hair color to give complete coverage to gray hair. It can also be used in perm neutralizers. Oxidization and fading of tinted warm hair colors can be prevented by the use of color additives.

Cover up sticks

These are very easy to use. All you need to do is touch up the hair with the coloring stick, and you will be ready to face the world! This is especially useful if you have to step out and there is not much time to color the hair. Suited for coloring the “just starting to show” gray, cover up sticks are really popular. Irene Geri is one such cover up stick.

For Cover Gray Hair we recommend these products:
YOUTHAIR Liquid for Men with Hair Conditioner & Groomer Restore Natural Color Gradually 8oz/236ml
Youthair is a color restoring, conditioning treatment for hair that is used by thousands of men to make them look and feel younger. Youthair helps to replace the color that hair loses as it begins to gray. Its unique formula provides long lasting, natural results. Youthair allows you to choose how much or how little gray you want. Within 3 weeks of daily use, hair color will gradually be restored
Your Price: $11.03

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