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Removing Yellow out of Blond Hair

Blonde highlights have always been in fashion. In fact, hair color companies make their maximum profit by the sale of hair colors in various shades of blonde.

Problems arise when the blonde becomes too blonde, or rather too yellow. Then it starts to look artificial, and no one wants blonde hair that looks overt. Everyone prefers a hair dye job that looks subtle. The goal is to look naturally blonde.

The good news is that there are products available that help in removing the extra yellow out of blond. These products are available in conditioner form and have to be added into the hair color.

The Pure White Standard Lift is one such product. It can easily be mixed with the hair color and has a creamy consistency. It is well suited for both applicator bottles, and bowl and brush application. Another good thing is that it also makes for excellent gray coverage.

Toners, peroxides and developers are also quite useful in removing the excess touch of blond. If rightly mixed with the hair color, they can do their job well. At the same time, these have inbuilt formulations that help in making the hair shiny, lustrous and manageable. And the best part is that it looks completely natural so no one can actually understand that you are not naturally blonde. Looking excessively blonde is one problem you won’t face if you use the right amount of toners, peroxides or developers in the hair color mix.

For Removing Yellow out of Blond Hair we recommend these products:
CLAIROL Professional Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo for Gray, White, Highlighted and Light Blonde Tinted Hair 16oz/473ml
A protein enriched conditioning formula. - Tones down brassiness on blonde/gray hair. - Renews & refreshes faded highlights and ash-toned hair. - Removes dull yellow in gray/white hair. - Leaves hair shiny without residue.
Your Price: $18.85

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