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Children may be similar to adults in many areas, but when it comes to childrenís haircare, the simpler the better. Kids donít need the same amount or volume of products that adults do. Imagine a toddler with fine hair. She certainly doesnít need the same volume of products on her hair that her mother does. She doesnít need gels, mousse, or pomade. For most children, washing, conditioning, and combing their hair daily with a soft-bristle brush is usually sufficient. Some children may need a detangler or oil. If your child has a dry scalp or a bout with headlice she will need shampoo for a dry scalp or a specially-treated shampoo to rid her hair of lice.

Childrenís scalps are tender, and they donít need chemical treatments or hard-bristle brushes. Use gentle shampoos that wonít sting or burn their eyes, and take extra care when combing or detangling. Also, keep in mind that barrettes, headbands, and clips can cause breakage and split ends.

Because childrenís skin tends to lose moisture at nearly twice the rate of adultís, they need special moisturizing lotion and skincare. Lotion, creams, and petroleum jellies help hydrate skin and seal in natural moisture. Other products are available to help children deal with their delicate skinís moisture loss or eczema.
Mothers of young children may find vitamins and moisturizing lotions particularly helpful in healing C-section scars or stretch marks.
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