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Make Makeup Work for You

Not all women want to, nor need to, wear makeup. There are many reasons women choose to wear makeup. They may want to enhance their natural beauty, like playing up their eyes with eyeliner and eye shadow. She may wear mascara to make her lashes look fuller, longer, and thicker. Makeup is also used to cover up imperfections, like acne scars and sun spots. One of the top reasons is to enhance their natural beauty and be more physically alluring. Some women may wear makeup to change their look or for a formal occasion.

The first evidence of makeup was found in Ancient Egypt in 4,000 B.C. Native Americans used paint for ceremonial rituals and battle. In the early 20th century, Hollywood brought makeup to the mainstream, which continued throughout decades. During the 1960s and 70s, a backlash against cosmetics occurred, and women wore less makeup and went more natural. During this same time period, makeup for Ethnic and black skin was created to match every skin tone.

The modern cosmetic industry is regulated by the federal government, and all makeup on the market is made with harmless ingredients and safe to wear. Much of today’s makeup actually includes ingredients that are helpful to a woman’s skin. Many foundations and concealers help reduce wrinkles and even out skin tones. Some mascara, while coloring lashes, helps them grow longer, too. So, if you’re looking for makeup to increase your confidence, cover dark circles, or camouflage blemishes, you may just be able to find some that benefits your skin as well.
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