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Menís haircare isnít as simple as it seems. Shampoo, clippers, and a comb may be all most men use in their daily regimen, but there is much more to menís haircare. From shampoo and conditioner to styling gels and pomades, there are dozens of products and brands to choose from.

For most men, a basic shampoo may be all they need for daily cleansing. However, for men dealing with issues like dandruff or thinning hair, there are other more advanced products for daily use. Some special shampoos contain antioxidants and botanicals that can help nourish and strengthen hair. There are specially formulated shampoos to combat dandruff that help moisturize and leave hair without flakes. If you are like many men and have thinning hair, specially formulated shampoos and conditioners like those containing minoxidil can help. Conditioners can get rid of tangles, add volume, and help your hair look thicker.

Styling products may not be at the top of every manís list, but they definitely should be a part of your daily routine. Styling gels and waxes that are water-based form a film around individual hairs make hair easier to mold. Pomades that include oil are pliable and make hair shiny and easy to style. Paste contains oil and wax for a firm hold and control. Men with thinning hair should use any styling product sparingly, as it could weigh hair down.

Shaving brushes, mirrors, and grooming kits can all make menís grooming easier. With the right products and grooming accessories, menís haircare can be simple and effective.
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