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Make Your Manicure Last

Women are often reluctant to paint their fingernails or do too much nail art because of chipping, cracking, or peeling. With all the current nail trends, though, you better not miss out on those pretty manicures! These are the best ways to protect your manicures and keep them looking fresh.

Washing and drying your hands before painting nails allows more polish to adhere to the nails and stay put.

Keep your cuticles pushed back before painting your nails. Paint applied to cuticles with chip and/or peel off.

Using a base coat like OPI Natural Nail Base Coat can prolong the stay of your pretty manicure on your nails.

By applying a thin coat of your main color polish, you allow the color to dry completely and not smudge.

Use a topcoat to promote long-lasting manicures, but only after your first coat is completely dry.

After you are finished with the color coats, use a topcoat like Orly Glosser Topcoat to harden nails and keep them strong and the polish intact.

The best way to protect your nails while participating in activities that could potentially ruin their luster, sheen and brilliant color, such as gardening or dishwashing, is to wear gloves.

Following these steps will keep your nail polish from fading too quickly, chipping, or peeling. Now you can get started with all those fun and funky new nail trends!

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