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Polish that's Perfect For You!

Do you ever notice that woman whose manicure seems to always match her wardrobe? Or celebrities whose nails match their attire when they walk the red carpet? Or what about that friend whose neutral nails look great on her skin and seem to match everything? With so many nail color options, how do you decide what color to wear and when? Here are a few ideas to keep your manicure and pedicure looking great on any occasion:

Are you warm or cool?

Just as you choose what to wear based on what looks good on your skin, you can pick your polish the same way. If you have olive or tan skin, you can wear golds or rich hues or red and purple polish, which will bring out your golden skin. If you have dark skin, try deep hues, including navy or even black. Don’t hold back—you can get away with almost any color. So try out new, different shades! More than likely, you’ll love the way they look! Lighter tones of polish look great on fair skin. Think: pink and peach. You can also try nail polish with blue undertones, like teal and lavender. Blue-based reds, like berry shades, are also great options.

What (or Not) to Wear

Obviously, if you want your manicure to match your wardrobe, you can pick your polish based on your outfit. But repainting your nails every day can be labor intensive and time consuming. Instead, notice colors you wear a lot of or that you look good in. If you wear a lot of light or pastel colors, try sheer polish or light pinks. If you wear a lot of dark, warm colors, try rich red, brown, or gold polish.

Special Polish for a Special Event

If you have an upcoming event, try to match your polish to the event. This means you’ll not only want your polish to match your outfit, but the environment. If you’re heading to an important work meeting or going to be in a professional setting, go for a neutral or subdued polish. If you’re going to a special night out, try metallics or bold colors.

Seasonal Shades

Looking on Pinterest or even window shopping at the mall, you’ll see a variety of trendy nail polish colors. Check out makeup counters and websites to see what latest colors are making their debut. Every season, new nail colors will pop up, and you can try some of these out. Who knows…you might just find your new favorite shade!

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