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Brown is out on the town

The latest hair color to be en vogue is brown. Clearly, the color brown is not just making its debut, but it is popping up in a variety of trendy tones. Brunettes are spotted all over the runway, on magazine covers, and worn by countless women across the world. Brown hair certainly doesn’t have to be drab, and it is definitely anything but boring.

Many women can wear their hair in an array of brunette shades. If you’ve got an olive tone, a deep auburn or even chocolate shade may suit you well. If you’re freckle-faced, you can complement your look by matching your hair to those adorable freckles. If you’re currently a blonde, you can opt for a caramel shade, utilizing some of your existing blondes for highlights. If you’re fair-skinned, ribbons of medium-brown locks can complete your look.

Another trend is to try brunette highlights. To get the stylish look of the season, you can color just the top strands of your hair—right around the crown of your head. Brunette highlights are always a complement to dark toned hair.

The beauty of playing with browns is that brunettes have flexibility with their hair color, so you can experiment with a variety of shades and tones. Whether you are just now becoming a sexy brunette, or just want to freshen up your brown hair color, there’s no better time than now. And, as with any hair color, don’t forget to make your new color shine with weekly deep conditioning treatments.


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