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Mimic Color Hair Make Up

Even though you’ve spent hours in the salon getting your hair permanently colored, the challenge is that you know it won’t last. Your hair is constantly growing—up to a half of an inch per month! So you know that along with your new haircolor, you’ll be getting new roots, as well. For a simple, inexpensive solution that will keep your haircolor looking fresh between visits to the salon, try MimicColor!

MimicColor is a temporary haircolor that hides roots, as well as contours eyebrows. Think of it as makeup for your hair! The color is an innovative touch up that camouflages regrowth and helps your color last between permanent applications. MimicColor can be applied to your roots with either a brush or your fingertips and can be applied to wet or dry hair. It’s simple to use, and there’s no mess, or drying time. It leaves your hair looking natural and feeling soft.

The product is an extremely durable temporary haircolor, so you can brush, style, and wear your hair just like normal—without any fear that it might rub off. MimicColor doesn’t rub off on your pillow or clothes. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of MimicColor is that it’s completely waterproof! That means the color actually stays in your hair (or on your eyebrows) while you’re exercising—or even swimming!

MimicColor comes in five fabulous colors that can be easily matched to any permanent haircolor shade. The color lasts until your next shampoo, and it will keep your haircolor looking fresh and shiny—just like when you left the salon. So if you’re concerned about regrowth, and want to save time and money between colors, try out MimicColor!


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