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New Elite Dryer by FHI

With so many hair dryers on the market, how do you know which one to choose? There are blow dryers with ceramic coils, dryers with advanced motors, and dryers made specifically to handle high heat or light enough to be held all day long. With all the choices, thereís a new dryer on the market that gives you the best of all options out there.

The New Elite Dryer by FHI is the best of the best in professional hair blow dryers. On the inside, this dryer is constructed with upgraded motors, heaters, and components to withstand high temperatures and continuous usage. The ceramic tourmaline helps seal in hairís natural moisture, while it reduces drying time by up to 50%. The dryer also comes equipped with gentle, far-infared heat, which will give your hair extra conditioning and shine. On the outside, this dryer shines with its sleek matte arctic silver finish.

Other features this dryer boasts include separate speed and heat settings (including a cool shot), Electromagnetic field (EMF) that prevents damage to the hair, and an ergonomic design that reduces strain to your arms and wrists. This dryer offers more velocity than other competing AC dryers, so it blows air at 15 meters per second, letting you dry hair in record time.

If you are looking for a hair blow dryer that has it all, this dryer is for you. Itís ultra smooth and quiet, but still reaches high heat. The tourmaline crystals enhance the ionic effect, leaving your hair moisturized, smooth, and shiny.


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