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New Keratin Treatment "KAHM" by Earthly body

No doubt you have heard about the Brazilian Blowout. The Brazilian Blowout is a system that includes a keratin solution to break down the chemical bonds in your hair. Your hair is blown dry, then straighftened with a flat iron. After a Brazilian Blowout, your air is manageable, shiny, and without any curls or frizz.

Most salons now carry the Brazilian Blowout, but it is an expensive system isnít permanent. You will need to upkeep your blowout every two to three months, and it can get costly.

There is another option for that same Brazilian Blowout smoothness, without the time, chemical treatment, and expense! The New Keratin Treatment "KAHM" by Earthly Body makes it look like youíve had a Brazilian Blowout, leaving you with stick straight hair until you shampoo the next time. The treatment is made with Argan Oil, Hemp & Vegetable Protein that mimics Keratin, leaving your hair straight and smooth.


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