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As I rushed off to an early-morning appointment this weekend, I pulled up my naturally curly hair into a messy bun on top of my head. When I was leaving the appointment, a woman commented about how much she loved my “big hair.” Another woman chimed in, wanting to know how I got my hair “so big.” While I appreciated the compliments, I realized my attempts to control my “big” hair clearly didn’t work.

Unless you’re plagued with frizzy, out-of-control hair, you probably desire more volume. Most women want thicker, bigger hair. But getting fine, thin, or limp hair to look big is not always that easy. Certainly, you can blow dry or tease your hair to create volume. Or, you can increase volume with products specially designed to create big, luscious locks.

One of the best-known lines on the market for creating volume is Rock Your Hair ‘Big Hair Rocks’ by Michael O’Rourke. Each of these products creates enormous volume without adding any extra weight. So, they keep your hair light and make it look “so big.”

Rock Your Hair ‘Big Hair Rocks’ Shampoo is a gentle, color-safe shampoo that helps protect chemically treated hair, without diminishing color or moisture. It’s formulated with panthenol for added strength and shine, and it’s sulfate and paraben free. ‘Big Hair Rocks’ Shampoo is made especially for fine, limp, or thin hair—to provide massive amounts of volume. If you’re looking for added volume, without extra weight, this shampoo is for you.

The conditioner that complements the shampoo is made for any hair type that requires extra conditioning, but no extra weight. This conditioner is a deep conditioner that will penetrate your hair shaft, leaving you with soft, detangled locks with maximum body and lift. It is sulfate and paraben free, and is safe for color-treated hair.

One of the most innovative products of the ‘Big Hair Rocks’ line is Bombshell Big Hair Powder. The powder is made to blast lifeless hair into voluminous, luscious, lifted locks. After shampooing and conditioning, make sure your hair is dry. Then, apply the Bombshell Big Hair Powder to thicken your hair without any build up. The powder is made with talc and micah that liquefies to add volume, shine, and extreme texture to even the dullest, limpest hair.

If you’re like most women, and you want bigger, thicker, or fuller hair, you’re in luck. Besides blow drying, backcombing, or teasing your hair, you can use specially made products to help you reach your goal. The ‘Big Hair Rocks’ is one of the most popular, best-known lines for creating big, voluminous hair. And it can certainly help you reach your volume potential.


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